Products  〃〃  YHM Anchorage
Technical Features of YHM Anchorage System
  Feature of anchoring reliability conform to ^Acceptance and Application Suggestions for Post-stress System ̄(FIP-93)and
^Anchorage Grip and Coupler for Anchorage Tendons ̄ (GB,T14370!2000)applicable for tendons with strength of 2000MPa
or lower. Wind range of adaptability, able to anchor <I>15.0~15.9mm tendons. Anchorage tendon can be selected from 1~55
tendons according to design requirements. The tensile force can be controlled within 0~12000KN.With two-pieces type design,
the wedge can be repeatedly used for many times, and it will automatically retract while the Anchorage is strained.
YHM Round Stressing-end Anchorage
   YHM Round stressing-end Anchorage includes: round anchor head, working wedge, bearing plate of round Anchorage,
spiral reinforcement
  Purpose: for Anchorage of stressing end or external fixed end of the stressing tendon.
  YHM15- (1~55)
  YHM12- (1~55)
  Specification: YHM15- (1~55)
  YHM12- (1~55)
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