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¡¡¡¡Recent years, after suffered by the earthquakes, based on the structural control technology of bridge anti-seismic design have
been attached great importance in bridge engineering in our country, especially after Wenchuan earthquake, the traffic industry

stipulated JTG/TB02-01- 2008 Design Detailed Regulations of Highway and Bridge¡±, which providing a good chance for the

development of anti-seismic of highway and bridge. It have strengthened the anti- seismic design and research of highway and
bridge inside industry.Generally speaking, the security of structure can be guaranteed through correct ¡°anti-seismic¡± design,
preventing entire destroy and collapse, but the design of traditional way of thinking, resistant to earthquake by confronting the tough
with toughness, the damage is hard to be avoided.
¡¡¡¡In some situations, it is very difficult to resist earthquake by the structure itself, even need to pay unacceptable high cost (for
example the above picture, the cost of entire toppled Hanshin Expressway). We have to find more efficient anti-seismic method,
while the isolation of earth quake is such a new structure control technology to resist earthquake. For the seismic action, the
countermeasures adopted in traditional structure design is ¡°seismic resisting¡±, which main consider of how to offer earthquake
resisting capability for structure. Because the volume of houses, aqueducts, bridges are bigger and bigger, but due to the limit of
physical properties of materials, the ideal of stiff resistance caused the designed buildings are too heavy when facing to big
earthquake, cost is too much, also increased the difficulty of design and construction.
¡¡¡¡Facing such design problem, predecessors researching earthquake resisting found a new path to deal with the damage by
softer approach to power. Through increasing shock absorption and insulation equipment, because the horizontal stiffness of the
equipment is very low, especially the horizontal stiffness is even lower than 1% of vertical stiffness, which greatly prolonging the fixed
shock frequency of buildings, dropping the acceleration of structure, reducing the shearing force and bending moment transferred
from superstructure to substructure, meanwhile reduce the horizontal movement through the large-scale transformation of shock
absorption and insulation structures, absorbing the earthquake energy transferred to buildings by its high damping feature, which
can reduce the amplitude of buildings and ensure the security of structure.
¡¡¡¡Practice has proved that with seismic isolation system the horizontal acceleration response of structure can be reduced by about
60% and fortification intensity of superstructure can be reduce 1 ¨C 2 degree, making the layout of buildings more flexible and
decrease part of civil engineering cost to resist the earthquake of same intensity. The cost of buildings with seismic isolation
structure can be reduced by 7% - 5% than the ones without seismic isolation structure.
¡¡¡¡Bridge shock absorption and insulation technology means to prolong the natural vibration cycle of bridge structure, reduce the
response of earthquake displacement of top of the pier, meantime to decrease the acceleration response of superstructure to ensure
the bridge security. Furthermore the research found, acceleration response of bridge structure can be reduced if greatly increase the
properties of cycle and damping of structure, meanwhile adopt appropriate technical equipments to spread earthquake force evenly
to each pier, which avoid earthquake force focusing on only one pier.
¡¡¡¡The aim of shock absorption and insulation is to separate the structure and ground movement of possible damages, in order to
achieve the goal, it can be done through prolonging the cycle and avoiding focused scope of earthquake energy to reduce the
earthquake force of structure, shown as picture 4. But reduce the earthquake force by prolonging the cycle of structure, designing
work will be difficult following by increase of structure displacement, shown as picture 5. In order to control too big deformation, it
can bring the damping equipment to structure to increase the damping of structure and reduce the displacement. Additionally from
picture 4 we can know that increase the damping can at the meantime reduce the dynamic acceleration of structure.
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