Products  〃〃  LNR Bridge Anti-Sesmic Rubber Bearing
  Thickness of single layer of Rubber layer is relatively thin, when bearing is under the maximum design load, stress will not

concentrate inside of rubber, this ensures enough vertical load capability. Rubber layer is fixed to steel plate by adhesives, under

compressive or tensile stress conditions, rubber can transfer the stress to steel plates, most of the stress will thus be carried by the
steel plates in the middle at horizontal direction, through increasing the thickness of steel plate can ensure the security of carrying
capability, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of product under large load. The flatness requirement of middle rubber layer is
very high, transfer of horizontal force totally rely on rubber, the steel plate in horizontal direction does not affect the normal
deformation of rubber layer, this ensures the designed small stiffness in the horizontal direction to be achieved.

  Horizontal stiffness is less than 0.5% of vertical stiffness, ensuring the stress transferred to buildings is small during earthquake,

minimizing the destructive power to the structure.
  This product is developed according to national and industry relevant standards and referring to international advanced
standards, with excellent elasticity and high restorability, after deformation, it can completely recover to original place after suffered
violent earthquake, it can be combined with other devices to be used for earthquake isolation structures due to its low damping
feature. When used separately, it is mainly for various road bridges and municipal works where the earthquake fortification is 7
degree or lower.
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