Products  〃〃  HDR High Damping Rubber Bearing
1. Principle.
    Datong HDRB high damping rubber bearings are designed based on reducing the energy transferred from the ground to the

upper structure in seismic event. Rubber provides a favorable ability of extensive deformations, which can also dissipate energy

by higher damping. While the laminated bearing inside provides the ability of supporting the weight of the structure.
2. Structure.
    bolt socket nut and steel plate are fixing devices for the bearing.
    all rubber should be made from natural rubber, which provides a better resistance against mechanical wear. Besides, it can
    absorb and dissipate energy during the earthquake, reducing the impact to the structure itself.
    reinforced steel sheets are covered with vulcanized rubber, which both seal the sheet and protect it against corrosion. They
    provide a high level of damping, better movement capacity and high load capacity.
3. Application.

     Due to its simplicity and economy, HDRB bearings are widely applied in structures, especially in earthquake-prone areas.

Because high damping rubber bearings can work as normal elastomeric bearings in regular days. Once earthquake comes, they

will deform themselves to absorb and dissipate energy of the earthquake. After earthquake, the bearings return to initial position

due to their self-recovery performance of the rubber.

4. Properties.
5. Raw Materials.
    Reinforcing plates, the top and bottom plates are made from steel grade Q235 or Q345 in accordance with AASHTO or
    CE1337 standard.
    Elastomeric materials are made from natural rubber, type ^NR ̄, grade3 as ASTM d4014-81.
6. Fixing devices.
    HDRB bearings are fixed by the anchor plates above and below though anchors and sockets to the lower and upper concrete

7. Corrosion prevention.

    HDRB executes corrosion prevention systems according to EN ISO 12944. Specific corrosion work depends on its location,
    environment, and the need of customers.
8. Handling, Storage, Installation and Maintenance.
    See the Handling, Storage, Installation and Maintenance chapter of bearings.
9. Inquiry.
    Quotations are welcomed with the following information:
    the vertical loads, including the maximum, permanent and the minimum, and the corresponding horizontal loads.
    maximum horizontal loads in the longitudinal and the transverse direction, and the related vertical loads.
    rotations in the longitudinal and transverse directions.

    the corresponding working drawing.

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