Products  〃〃  DZL Series Section Steel Expansion Joint
  DZL Series Section Steel Expansion Joint is a new large displacement joint researched and developed for heavy-load and high
density traffic on the basis of the features of all types of large displacement expansion joints at home and abroad.
  DZL Series Section Steel Expansion Joint based on dynamics anti-fatigue principle uses the elastic bearing system of single
bearing beam and the displacement control system of tandem shear springs, characterized by good bearing capacity, anti-fatigue
performance, uniform displacement control, etc.
  DZL Series Section Steel Expansion Joint can well adapt to three-dimensional displacement of bridge and provides such
advantages as comfortable travel, long service life, compact structure and easy maintenance, suitable for various highway, road and
bridge, and it is the best structure for suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges and continuous concrete bridges.
ConnectionHigh-strength bolt connection has been used in the expansion joint system to effectively avoid the stress
concentration produced in welding process and guarantee the fatigue life under heavy-load high density traffic and the possibility
of repair replacement.
Displacement control systemThe displacement control system utilizes the displacement springs installed in series
symmetrically under the middle beam for driving the uniform motion of the middle beam to uniformly control the gap width and
maintain the consistency of each gap width. Such symmetrical structure provides dual protection.
Bearing systemImpact loads such as horizontal, vertical and torsional forces are generated when vehicles pass the expansion
joint. The vertical force and torque are passed through the middle beam and side beam, crossbeam and elastic bearing, the
horizontal force is passed through the displacement spring and the load is buffered through the damping characteristic of rubber so
that the impact load can be delivered to the beam and piers safely.
Waterproof structureThe middle and side beams are provided with machine made cavity, in which the rubber sealing band is
inlaid with special clamps and tightly close to the cavity, to keep away the rainwater from the bridge deck and avoid the bridge
substructure from erosion.
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