Products  〃〃  DXB Highway Bridge Finger Expansion Joint
  DXB consists of the short comb plate, long comb plate, sliding plate, rubber plate, waterproof sealing band, debounce
mechanism, multi-directional displacement seat, fastening bolt and other parts.
  This is an innovative expansion joint for comb plate device designed based on existing domestic and international comb plate
expansion joint and our years of experience in the design, manufacturing and installation of expansion joint as well as the
standards applied in China, Europe and America and is completely in conformity with Unitary Multidirectional Displacement Comb
Plate Bridge Expansion Joint (JT/T723-2008) and protected by IPR.
  With comb plate of the multi-module and structure design, 1m per module in the transverse direction of bridge, the whole
expansion joint comprised of multiple modules can be replaced without traffic interruption when necessary.
  The comb plate expansion joint is equipped with multidirectional displacement seat which adopts elastic bearing, can achieve
the flexible rotation of bridge ends, long anti-fatigue life, good shock and energy absorption and long service life. The multi-
directional displacement seat is of polyurethane or rubber elastic materials and its elastomer adopts totally-enclosed structure in
order to prevent deterioration and improve the bearing capacity; the multi-directional displacement seat with horizontal force
transmission structure can effectively bear the horizontal load as well as the bounce and impact loads.
  This expansion joint is equipped with anti-bounce mechanism to prevent bounce and absorb vibration. During the installation

of the expansion joint, some pre-deformation is done by the connection bolt to ensure the pulling down force of comb plate and

prevent bounce when vehicle passes.
  Long and short comb plates have anti-skidding slots that can ensure the friction coefficient during the operation of the expansion
joint is less than 0.55.
  Long-acting anticorrosion plan of ^Hot Dipped Galvanization & Heavy Corrosion Protection ̄ is used for this expansion joint to
guarantee the good anti-corrosion property and the normal use of surface coating and meet the operating requirements.
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