Products  〃〃  DSCF Highway Bridge Finger Expansion Joint
  DSCF series comb unit expansion joint is our new product developed for low thin-wall beam structure and shallow slot
reserved for expansion joint in recent years. This product based on the characteristics of different figure expansion joints is suitable
for all steel structure bridges and concrete bridges with displacement less than 160mm.
  When the bridge expands or contracts due to temperate changes, the big and small comb plates anchored on the beam
contract with the intermittent changes of roots between the foresaid plates. Compared with section steel expansion joint, DSCF
expansion joint is free from the impact caused by vehicle thanks to its specific structure and thereby reduces the noise and
increases the driving comfort.
  With totally-enclosed waterproofing measures to completely resolve beam gap seepage and keep the bridge structure away
from the rain erosion.
  Designed based on dynamics principles and equipped with elastic rubber elements with damping characteristics for buffering
the wheel load so as to well protect the beam.
  Minimum vibration and noise while vehicles travelling increase the riding comfort. Fixed and movable comb plates freely
expand and contract as the beam moves. The specific slagging design of addendum and dedendum can ensure the stones and
silt between teeth
  will be smoothly removed. The modular design (1M per unit) helps guarantee the accuracy of manufacturing. The
replacement and repair of expansion
  joint, if necessary, can be performed without cutting off traffic. Suitable for installation of new bridge and gap replacement of
old bridge because of its low building height, shallow
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