Products  〃〃  DGL Series Section Steel Expansion Joint
Bearing system:

  The bearing system reliably transfers the loads to the beams and pier by passing the vertical force and torque through the

middle and boundary beams, crossbeam and elastic bearing and horizontal force through the displacement spring. n each group
of bearing box, several crossbeams are respectively welded with the appropriate middle beams and from an independent bearing
and displacement control units. Each bearing unit is flexibly pre-pressed in the bearing box to realize the facade corner through the
elastic bearing inside the bearing box and the horizontal movement through the crossbeam translation and accommodate the
beam end displacement caused by the bridge movement.
  Each middle beam is rigidly connected with the corresponding crossbeams through the bearing blocks and form an relatively
independent bearing and displacement control unit with stable and reliable structure.
Displacement control system
  Displacement springs are arranged between crossbeams to link the displacement control units in series and then the beam
end expansion changes, such displacement springs realize the equal distance control for displacement control unit by generating
equivalent deformation.
Waterproof structure
  The middle and boundary beams are provided with machined cavity, in which the rubber sealing band is inlaid with special
clamps and tightly close to the cavity, to keep the rainwater on the top of the expansion joint and prevent the bridge substructure
away from the rain erosion.
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