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Metal corrugated pipe

On requirement of JG/T301 394 Ħ°Anchorage concrete metal corrugated pipeĦħ standard, metal corrugated pipe is a metallic tube

made of low-carbon steel tube with corrugated fold seam and a tube for connecting, which used as pore-forming of the
components of post-tensioned Anchorage concrete structure.
Plastic corrugated pipe
Technical advantages of plastic corrugated pipe: corrugated pipe is a new material of Anchorage concrete structure, meanwhile
applying new technology of vacuum grouting, the security and durability of Anchorage structure and components have been
obviously improved, its technical advantages are:
˘Ù The raw material of 0/S8G plastic corrugated pipe of corrosion resistance is HDPe with features of acid- resisting, alkali
corrosion, non-conducting, no scattered electric corrosion, the ageing time can reach to 50 years in the condition of wrapping
with cement concrete, the durability is greatly better than galvanized corrugated pipe.
˘Ú High strength and small friction coefficient, the plastic corrugated pipe can reduce the Anchorage lost in the process of
tensioning, good sealing ability of vacuum grouting can effectively improve grouting saturation and density of the duct of post-
tensioned Anchorage system, which ensure the strength of Anchorage structure and improve the aseptic condition of pre-
stressing tendon.
˘Û Facilitate construction and improve efficiency, the system structure of plastic corrugated pipe is clear, all components are
factory made with advantages of stable quality, high accuracy, convenient and efficient construction. Vacuum grouting can
obviously improve the construction efficiency due to its mature technology, continuous and fast operation.
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