Products  〃  Noise Reduction Bridge Joint System (ZJZ)
1. Principle.
  Noise reduction bridge joint system (ZJZ) is a further development of strip seal expansion joint, which combines 2 edge beams and
1 strip seal, with interlocking plates on the surface. Noise reduction bridge joint system (ZJZ) has a larger gap width up to 120mm and
better effect on reducing noise emission and driving comfort.
2. Design features.
  1) The teeth and edge plates are integrated profiled steel (not by welding) which can supply enough strength to resist greater and
  longer fatigue.

  2) The interlocking design decreases the traffic noise by 3-5 db compared with normal strip seal expansion joint

  3) The unique design inside the teeth can provides easy installation and replacement of rubber seals.

  4) The unique design of the shape of seals provides solutions of removal of debris coming from external environment.

  5) ZJZ joint can be designed to accommodate movement ranging between 0~160mm.

3. Material.
  steel, grade Q235 or Q345.
  EPDM sealing strip.
  connection concrete should be epoxy resin polymer concrete, hardener and specific mineral filler mixed.
4. Protection.
  On the anti-corrosion side, the steel profiled should be in accordance with ISO12944 or other national standard as requested, such
  The specific sealing strips joint the steel perfectly, which guaranteeing Datong single seal joints 100% water-tight. Once the sealing
strips damaged, it can be replaced and fast and effectively.
5. Quality.
  After 15 years¨ expansion joints manufacture experience, Datong single seal joints have proven their good quality in thousands

of bridges and roads. Datong provides service, in addition to the product, which can contribute to the high quality and durability of the

expansion joints.
  Quality assurance based on ISO9001:2008.
  Welder qualifications certified by SGS in accordance with ISO 9606-1.
6. Quotation.
  Quotations are welcomed with the following information:
  The detailed drawing of the adjoining structures or expansion joint itself.
  The gap width for movement range, and the direction of movements.
  Noise reduction demands.
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