Products  〃〃  Finger Joint System
1. Introduction.
  Datong Finger joint systems are expansion joints for width between 80mm and 480mm, even more, especially suitable for
bridges with heavy vehicle loading. Finger joints, anchored on both side of the beams, manage by interlocking finger plates to
adapt bridge beam¨s deformation resulting from the change of external environment. Compared with modular expansion joints, the
finger structures are able to effectively ease the wheel pressure so as to lower down noise and increase driving comfort.
2. Application.
  Thanks to its excellent noise-reducing properties, Finger joints are ideal for bridges and roads near residential or other
noise-sensitive zones.
  Large traffic load bridges.
  Large movement and displacement bridges.
3. Design features.
  Better driving comfort is achieved by interlocking finger plates;
  Noise reduction compared with modulare expansion joints;
  The enclosed sealing element is locked underneath the plates to drain the water and debris;
  Longer fingers and shorter fingers, anchored on each end, move with the deck simultaneously to accommodate the strucure
  Smaller block-out dimensions required thus a larger variety of bridge decks can use this type of joint;
  Easy to install and convenient to do maintenance;
  Fingers are fabricated at each modular unit of 1 meter usually to ensure fabrication precision and maintenance facilitation;
  Joint system can be cast into the concrete slab;
  Custom design available for unique projects.
4. Installation.
  See installation and maintenance chapter.
5. Materials.
  Edge steel, grade Q235 or Q345.
  Finger plates, grade Q345.
  Drainage channel, EPDM, PVC or stainless steel, depending on customer preference.
6. Protection.
  The steel profiles are treated with corrosion protection systems based on ISO 12944 standard, or on applicable national standards,
such as ASTRA, RVS, ACQPA, as customer required.
  The specific sealing strips joint the steel perfectly, which guaranteeing joints 100% water-tight. Once the sealing strips damaged, it
can be replaced and fast and effectively.
7. Type.
8. Quality.
  After 15 years¨ expansion joints manufacture experience, Datong finger joints have proven their good qualities in thousands of
bridges and roads. Datong provides service, in addition to the product, which can contribute to the high quality and durability of the
expansion joints.
  Quality assurance based on ISO9001:2008.
  Welder qualifications certified by SGS in accordance with EN ISO 9606-1.

9. Quotation.

  Quotations are welcomed with the following information:
  The detailed drawing of the adjoining structures or expansion joint itself.
  The gap width for movement range, and the direction of movements.
  Noise reduction demands.
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